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No! Your pet will never be tranquilized during their grooming session.

Indy Mobile Pet Grooming / Beech Grove Pet Grooming has an excellent reputation. We offer guaranteed client satisfaction and are a member of the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

Rely on our 20 years of experience. You'll love our complete client satisfaction guarantee.

Your pet will be caged only at the shop, but we will groom your pet as quickly as possible to minimize their time spent in the cage. They will never be caged in our mobile services.

Yes, all of our groomers are professionally trained, and continually attend seminars to boost their training.

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Informative answers to frequently asked questions

Will my pet be tranquilized during grooming?

What is the reputation of Indy Mobile Pet Grooming / Beech Grove Pet Grooming?

Are your groomers professionally trained?

Will my pet be caged during grooming?

Do you use shampoos that contain chemicals that are harmful?

Absolutely not! The shampoo used by Indy Mobile Pet Grooming / Beech Grove Pet Grooming is all natural and is completely safe for your pet and the environment.

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